Introduce La Maison Deli

Located in the center of the city, on the bank of Han River, La Maison Deli is a combination of finest culinary arts, with a diverse creative Vietnamese menu. Diners will be fascinated by different tastes from familiar to different, from homey to creative.

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Why La Maison Deli is special ?

Each dish by La Maison Deli is carefully handled from choosing ingredients to preparation. All recipes and ingredients must follow a strict process developed and trained by culinary guru – the judge of MasterChef Vietnam – Phan Ton Tinh Hai.

Start your new day at La Maison Deli with a lovely breakfast besides your full cup of coffee, or end a long day with a well prepared dinner in a cosy atmosphere with your family and beloveds.

What to explore at La Maison Deli?

Café- Breakfast – 1st floor

The first floor of La Maison Deli Danang specializes in coffee, breakfast and a la carte. The in-house space has 90 chairs and a lovely bar, while the garden has its charm with 70 chairs.

Lunch – Dinner – 2nd floor

Including a common space and 2 VIP rooms. The common space can host up to 130 seats, elegantly and luxuriously designed. The VIP rooms provide a more intimate and cosy corner.

Banquet – Conference – 3rd floor

With a lot of space and great design, the 3rd floor of La Maison Deli is reserved for banquets, conferences and other events for companies or organizations. With an impressive design and professional service, whether it is your anniversary or a company party, La Maison Deli will make it a memorable experience.

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